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DC Fandome will now be a two-part event

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I’m genuinely hoping that the idea of DC Fandome kicks off an arms race in livestream reveals within the giants of the entertainment industry. While it has always been my dream to attend the San Diego Comic Con and be crushed by a stampede of Deadpool cosplayers as they descend on Hall H to grab a glimpse of Ryan Reynolds when he announces Green Lantern 2: I Needed The Money, it’s likely not going to be happening anytime soon.

Having access to an event without the worst lines in the world or my face buried in someone’s sweaty armpit? That’s the dream right there. That’s what DC Fandome will offer when it kicks off on August 22. But now, following an announcement last night, it’s only going to be part one of a two-part event that the Distinguished Competition has planned. Here’s how the new setup will work:

August 22 – DC FanDome: Hall of Heroes

The main event, this Saturday’s newly redubbed DC Fandome: Hall of Heroes livestream is a marathon eight-hour session dedicated to DC comics, video games, TV series and movie projects across time and space. That event will kick off locally at 7PM CET, and will feature panels for The Batman, Wonder Woman 1984 and Zack Snyder’s Justice League. It’ll run into the wee hours of the morning, so prepare to pop a few No-Doze pills or a coffee enema if you want to stay awake and watch them live. For those of you who need your previous beauty sleep though (some more than others), the panels will be repeating thrice throughout a 24-hour period so you can catch them later.

In case you need a schedule reminder, here you go:

  • Wonder Woman 1984 – 7PM CET
  • Warner Bros. Montreal game announcement – 7:30PM CET
  • The Sandman Universe – 7:45PM CET
  • Multiverse 101 Panel – 8:20PM
  • The Flash (2022) – 8:45PM CET
  • Beyond Batman Panel – 8:55PM
  • The Suicide Squad – 9PM CET
  • BAWSE Females of Colour Within the DC Universe – 9:50PM
  • Legacy of the Bat – 10:10PM
  • Chris Daughtry performance – 10:30PM
  • The Joker: Put on a happy face – 10:40PM
  • Surprise DC Comics Panel – 10:45PM
  • Jim Lee Portfolio Review – DC Super-Villain Fan Art – 10:50PM
  • Surprise DC Comics Panel – 11PM
  • I’m Batman: The voices behind the cowl – 11:25PM
  • The Snyder Cut of Justice League Panel – 11:45PM CET
  • The Flash TV Panel – 11:54PM

August 23

  • Black Adam panel – 12:10AM CET
  • Titans TV Panel – 12:50AM
  • Aquaman – 1AM CET
  • Ask Harley Quinn – 01:10AM
  • Wonder Woman 1984: The WW84 Cast Play ‘Werewolf 1984’ – 01:45AM
  • Shazam! – 01:35AM
  • Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League panel – 02:10AM
  • The Batman – 02:30AM

And if you look closely in the trailer for Hall of Heroes below, you’ll spot SA’s own Sam “Tech Girl” Wright, who’s hosting her own panel during that event!

September 12 – DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse

A few weeks later though, DC is kicking off 100 hours of on-demand content, which will allow you to choose which content you want to watch. Dubbed DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse, it will be like the SDCC of panels basically. According to the publisher, you’ll be able to select from “exclusive panel sessions, screenings and never-before-seen content from the DC Multiverse of films, television, comics and games” which you can pick and choose from using the official Scheduling Site.

DC Kids FanDome also launches on that Saturday, and will feature kid-friendlier content for 24 hours. And there you go! Two weekends of DC content, that looks pretty darn great. See you there, just before I get fitted for an intravenous supply of Redbull so that I can stay up on Saturday night.

Last Updated: August 20, 2020


  1. Oh bother … If there weren’t enough articles on Batman and DC on this site already! 😉


    • The D

      August 20, 2020 at 09:56



  2. Iskape

    August 20, 2020 at 09:49

    As I said before, I am really excited for this. I’ve never been excited for a DC project in a while.


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