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Denis Villeneuve open to directing a non-saga Star Wars film

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Sometimes directors come around who just seem to just work visual magic with every film that they touch. They are not just mere film directors, but visual storytellers and artists of the highest calibre, out to not only entertain, but entice you with the way they craft their stories. One such director is Denis Villeneuve who in a short space of time is already working his way towards cinematic greatness.

Perhaps it’s too soon to call him a great, but when you consider his last 5 movies; Prisoners, Enemy, Sicario, Arrival and Blade Runner are all impeccable films that stand out as some of the best films’s made over the past 5 years, then you start to understand that there is something different about the director that is certainly setting him apart from others. Exactly what that is could keep me busy for a while, but that’s not what this article is about. No, it’s even better. It’s about Villeneuve mentioning that he would love to make a Star Wars movie. Yes, take one of the greatest film franchises of all time and give it to one of the best visual artists of this generation and you have my attention.

The director shared his thoughts about the franchise in a Happy Sad Confused podcast, where he spoke about his love for the franchise, in particular, A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back before he felt the franchise started to go a little downhill from there:

It’s something that, again it’s like, I would be intrigued. I don’t know, it’s very difficult. What is dangerous with Star Wars right now is it’s become its own vocabulary. I would love to see them, I think Rogue One was a very interesting attempt to get out of the mould.

Obviously, Villeneuve has not seen Rian Johnson’s upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi film, so this is not an indictment on the quality of that movie, but more just how the Star Wars Universe has become very formulaic, which is probably not conducive to a director who likes to create their own unique vision.

I think it would be a great idea to get out of there and to go on a new part of the galaxy that I would be open to.

We have seen this with Rogue One, which tried to do something a little different, while still being very much a Star Wars movie and with the upcoming Han Solo movie and a new planned Rian Johnson directed trilogy, Disney and Lucasfilm are definitely open to expanding the Star Wars Universe outside of the usual formula, which means there is certainly space for a director like Denis Villeneuve to get involved. That’s not to say that it will ever happen though, as there has been no request or offer from Lucasfilm just yet, but who’s to say it won’t happen now that they know he is possibly interested.

Currently, Villeneuve is tackling another big sci-fi epic in Dune. Having proven he is more than capable of taking on a big name sci-fi project with both Blade Runner and Arrival, few people doubt that there is any sci-fi story he can’t tell. With nothing definite in the pipeline post Dune (though his name has been linked with the latest Bond film), who knows perhaps a new Star Wars adventure is on the horizon.

Last Updated: November 29, 2017

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