Don't expect any heroes in a half shell until 2014

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Things aren’t looking too good right now for the most cowabunga of heroes right now. A few months after the class ten crap-storm over the double-whammy decision to drop the Teenage Mutant part of the equation and swop mutagenic ooze for the easier-to-explain aliens theory, and now, the film is being pushed back by six months.

And the reason why? The script dudes, it’s totally in need of some bodacious shredding man!Currently being developed by Michael Bays Platinum Dunes production company, Ninja Turtles has been delayed from a December 2013 release date, to May 2014 instead.

According to THR, the film is apparently in dire need of a better script, most likely due to the fan furore regarding recent changes to the otherwise succesful formula.

While pre-production had already begun in Vancouver, the staff working on the project have been laid off, with Paramount being responsible for the now “temporarily laid off” crew.

You can’t make a decent film without a decent script from which to work from, as that serves as the basic blueprint for the entire project, making this bit of news perhaps positive, when examined.

This also marks the third big budget film that Paramount has delayed, after GI Joe Retaliation and World War Z. Still, should the project still be on track, Jonathan “Wrath of the Titans” Liebesman will carry on directing, from a new script from Kevin “Co-turtle power creator” Eastman and Andre Nemec.

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Meanwhile, I’ve got R50 down at the local bookie that Paramount will delay a fourth film within the next month. My money is on Star Trek 2. Which is why I’m busy reinforcing my office for Kervyn’s inevitable hulk out episode, once he hears that bit of news.



Last Updated: June 18, 2012

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