Drake's fortune were bad, until UNCHARTED got some National Treasure on board

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If there’s one film adaptation of a video game that should be impossible to screw up, it’s Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. The ingredients are all there, making this popular game trilogy perfect for the big screen. It’s Indiana Jones mixed with great characters and National Treasure, something that I’ve always loved about the games.

And now, that National Treasure vibe is hitting a little closer to the project, as two of the writers from those Nic Cage films have been recruited to write some script for Uncharted.

Marianne and Cormac Wibberley, have been tasked with bringing Nathan Drake and his tomb raiding exploits to life, even though Neil Burger, who was going to direct, has jumped the video game adaptation ship for a different project.

Uncharted has the potential to be a blockbuster for Sony Pictures, a video game film that could pick up the slack where projects such as Prince of Persia have failed.

National Treasure, for the most part, was always a solid film, and having the Wibberley duo on board could complement uncharted perfectly, and finally rescue it from development hell. It shouldn’t be a stretch for the Wibberly twosome to inject the trademark humour of the games into the film, but hopefully, they can capture that drama and gritty action that is a larger signature style of the trilogy as well.

Heck, I’d even forgive for writing G-Force if they can nail this film. All that’s needed now is a director to once again get the ball rolling, so who would you like to see calling the shots for Uncharted?

Last Updated: August 24, 2012

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