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Dreamworks has a Need for Speed

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Video games and films, two mostly incompatible projects that are still made, regardless of the numerous failures that came before them. And while it may be some time before we see Nathan Drake from Uncharted plunder our screens, or see another Street Fighter film optioned, one iconic brand of motor mayhem has been given the go ahead for a big screen debut.

Apparently Dreamworks has a need you see. A need…for speed!

Thanks to some financing from rolling in the dough backers Reliance, Dreamworks has been able to buy a few new choice properties for which they plan to adapt, chief of which will be a film based on the signature racing series that sees an annual release from Electronic Arts.

John “Real Steel” Gatins is currently involved, and has begun scribing duties with his brother George, who will have plenty of material to choose from, seeing as how there are dozens of Need for Speed games that have been produced.

But they’ll probably be paying close attention to the last NFS game, The Run, which had a stronger narrative and more high name actors, such as Sean Faris and Christina Hendricks involved, when it debuted to a positive reception last year.

Dreamworks hopes that by starting work on this film, they’ll soon have a new franchise which will rival The Fast and The Furious.

Meanwhile, automotive parts dealers will no doubt be ecstatic at this news, as this will mean more business for them, from people who believe that racing stripes makes their slightly tuned up Volkswagen Golfs go faster.

Last Updated: April 17, 2012

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