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Dylan O’Brien stars in the mind-bending trailer for Flashback

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With Marvel and DC set to focus on new expansive multiverses for future films, the idea of characters having lived multiple lives across parallel dimensions seems rather interesting lately. What if this theory of multiple versions of the same person wasn’t just the stuff of made-up pseudo-science found in our favourite comics?

That’s one of the concepts for the intriguing thriller Flashback from the mind of Christopher MacBride, which sees Dylan O’Brien as a man experiencing an existential crisis and looking to try and solve one of the issues of his past by going to extreme methods to relive these moments, encountering often frightening and unexpected consequences.

With a corporate job, a steady relationship, and a sick mother, Fred’s chance encounter with a man from his youth leads to frightening memories. Little by little, he unravels a mystery that has been hidden for years about a missing girl, a drug called Mercury, and a terrifying creature who has accompanied him every step of the way. Past, present and future intertwine, and Fred begins to explore all the possible lives he could lead. Which one will he choose?

The film is hardly original, taking on storylines from several other movies that have dealt with these themes in the past, but the premise certainly sounds intriguing enough and the trailer does a good job in asking a lot of questions that makes you want to watch it and promises a lot more than what it might be letting on. If you can get past this rather gloomy setting which might not be what everyone is looking for.

Flashback is scheduled for release on June 8 to On-Demand services and also stars Hannah Gross, Amanda Brugel, Emory Cohen, and Keir Gilchrist.

Last Updated: April 15, 2021

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