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E3 2016–Lawbreakers isn’t dystopian, but rather a positive look at Earth’s future

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Lawbreakers might be strictly multiplayer focused, with zero-gravity battle arenas fresh with bullet scars and blood stains of Law vs. Breakers battles. But just like so many other games of this ilk there’s a story to the path that got it all there. Lawbreakers isn’t afraid of lore – it embraces it, using it’s unique premise and futuristic setting to tell a story not of a world in turmoil and strife, but plainly the exact opposite.

Speaking to Dan Nanni at E3 this week, I learnt that Lawbreakers isn’t really about dystopian futures at all. The team at BossKey Studios felt restricted by the traditional browns and blacks of a future that held no promise for the human race, and instead saw opportunity in their progress. The discovery of gravity manipulation has allow society in Lawbreakers to do incredible things with architecture and designs, which in turn (as Dan explained) as allowed designers and artists at BossKey to really have some fun.

Outside of design, Dan also touched on the mantra him and his design team use when looking at new and interesting game modes they could implement in the near future. Dan explains that Lawbreakers is all about breaking the moulds, and their modes are designed from the ground up to emphasise that. Looking at the recently announced Turf War mode specifically, Dan explains the need to create a more competitive focused mode that was fast and tactical, which lead to the creation of a round-based, rotating domination (capture the point) match up.

Lawbreakers certainly left a great impression on me with my first few sessions with the Pc exclusive shooter (which I’ll be exploring further really soon), and it’s easy to see that it’s being spearheaded by a lot of talent from far reaches of the industry. There’s pedigree in BossKey, and the design principles of Lawbreakers is showing it clearly. It doesn’t have a release date yet, but this is one shooter to keep an eye on.

Last Updated: June 17, 2016

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