Home Entertainment Extras! Baz Lurhman has no money mo' problems, Bradley Cooper is too pretty to be ugly, Dredd goes in for the kill, Disney makes kids cry, Hunger Games eats up Harry Potter series, Anna Kendrick could be Cap's flame and when will we get to see Benedict Cumberbatch's Smaug? Plus much more!

Extras! Baz Lurhman has no money mo' problems, Bradley Cooper is too pretty to be ugly, Dredd goes in for the kill, Disney makes kids cry, Hunger Games eats up Harry Potter series, Anna Kendrick could be Cap's flame and when will we get to see Benedict Cumberbatch's Smaug? Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

We kick off today with a new TV spot for Dredd 3D. While I’m not too sure about the choice of Le Roux’s “In for the kill” as the backtrack, it’s still a pretty tight little trailer that should get you pretty excited for the film. Also fun, is playing spot the Cape Town CBD buildings disguised as Mega City One.

Just a follow-up on the tragic suicide of Tony Scott: There have been reports going around that the director had an inoperable brain tumour which was what prompted him to take his own life. However, Scott’s family has now come out to deny this, with the initial postmortem also showing no sign of cancer.

Following on from the news that the Christmas day release of  Baz Luhrman’s The Great Gatsby was being delayed, now comes the news that the Gatsby isn’t quite so Great anymore. Warner Bros are apparently refusing to sink more money into the $127 million film, prompting Lurhman to go looking for private investors so that he can finish the film.

Although, there were quite a few wrong things that could be pointed out about Men In Black 3, they all simply paled in comparison to the horrible theme song done by apparent rapper Pitbull. What’s even scarier is that that is not the worst movie rap song. No, for that you need to head on over to Movies.com. Prepare to be earwormed.

Oh and for the record, this is my favourite of their list. And by favourite, I mean I wish that it was erased from human history.

Image Comics co-founder Rob Liefeld’s 90’s vampire super-soldier comic Bloodstrike has been optioned to receive the feature film treatment by Adi Shankar‘s 1984 Private Defense Contractors production company. I expect a film where you never see anybody’s feet, the men have bigger chests than the plastic-looking woman, and everybody’s face looks like they’re suffering from severe constipation all the time.

If you can’t wait to get an eyeful of the great dragon Smaug in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, then I kind of got some bad news for you. According to the voice of Smaug, Benedict Cumberbatch, an eyeful is all you’re going to get until much later:

“I think my eye might open at the end of the first film and then you’ll get the rest of me in the second.”

Unless you’re a Mexican film director with a penchant for B-Grade action movies, you probably won’t recognize Mark Zaror’s name. But the talented martial artist may just be moving to the big leagues as he’s landed the role of arch-villain Mel Gibson’s right hand man in Robert Rodriguez’ Machete Kills. The casting news came with this statement from Rodriguez about Zaror, as well as his very own character poster.

“I’ve been a big fan of Marko’s for years, and I even created this role specifically for him. He is an incredible martial artist with physics defying speed and agility, and he has a great movie star presence. I’m sure we’ll be working together again soon.”

There’s nothing quite like having a record breaking adaptation of a book, for driving sales of the source material through the roof. Just ask  Suzanne Collins. Her Hunger Games trilogy has now become the most successful book series on Amazon, surpassing the Harry Potter series in sales.

So you’ve watched all the episodes of BBC’s Sherlock and fancy yourself a detective? Well, then get in here and help us crack the case of the Missing Freelancers Money! The action film boasting a cast of Robert De Niro, Forrest Whittaker, 50 Cent and Dana Delaney, had a limited opening last week, with today seeing it released on Video On Demand. Except that it looks like nobody has demanded it. According to Box Office tracking site TheNumbers.com, the film made $0. (No, that’s not a typo) Perhaps the film’s solitary review, where it was awarded a mere 1/2 star out of 5, had something to do with it?

This next one is specifically for one of our regular readers Tracy Benson as well as our very own Lourens, both of whom recently stated that they were a bit freaked out by Pixar’s Cars as they just couldn’t wrap their heads around the inner workings of a world completely inhabited by vehicles. Well, seems they weren’t the only ones to ponder on this, as comic book artist and designer Jake Parker has created these anatomical illustrations of just what these anthropomorphic automobiles should look like on the inside:

So Bradley Cooper, not content to just get by on good looks and pectoral muscles, has decided to prove he’s a real actor by playing the lead role in a stage production of The Elephant Man. Except, it’s not quite going the we he probably expected.

So according to the New York Post, spunky Anna Kendrick is currently the front-runner to play Captain America’s love interest in the upcoming sequel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Felicity Jones and Imogen Poots’ names are also still in the mix though. If rumours are true, and the role they’re up for is that of S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Sharon Carter, then I have to admit that irrespective of talent, neither of them really have the right look for me.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green is an upcoming film from Disney about a childless couple who store all their wishes for an infant in a box, which they bury in their backyard one night, only to awaken to a baby boy that has grown from the magical plant that their box has created. Sounds like your typical heart-warming Disney fairytale right? Yeah, well as you’re about to discover, it’s apparently not. A video uploaded by a parent who took their kids to see the film has landed on the internet with the following message:

“The ads for The Odd Life of Timothy Green bill it as the “feel good movie of the season”. As you will see by the reaction of my two sons, they beg to differ….”

[Just a SPOILER warning, they kind of give away the ending to the movie, so if you plan on seeing it, then you may want to give this video a pass. For the rest of you, be prepared to point and laugh at feel sorry for some really emotional kids]

Last Updated: August 21, 2012

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