Home Entertainment Extras! Nicole Kidman lies with grace, Lionsgate want cheap scares and laughs, Mr Ecko fights with Thor, Jennifer Lawrence explains her Golden Globe speech controversy, Meet Steve Wozniak and Wash didn't have to die! Plus much more!

Extras! Nicole Kidman lies with grace, Lionsgate want cheap scares and laughs, Mr Ecko fights with Thor, Jennifer Lawrence explains her Golden Globe speech controversy, Meet Steve Wozniak and Wash didn't have to die! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

We’ve repeatedly stated in the past just how much we love Japanese versions of trailers, and this new one for G.I. Joe: Retaliation is a prime example of why. From the voice-over artist sounding like he’s doing a play-by-play on a Mauy Thai fight, to the sudden inexplicable English voiceover guy at the end announcing the movie as G.I. Joe: Back To Revenge, it’s all just awesome.

Times are tight for everybody, it seems. Lionsgate have appointed producer John Sacchi to head a new division to focus on developing low budget horror and comedy movies, specifically movies with a budget of $2.5 million or less. $2.5 million? That’s how much James Cameron spends on his dry cleaning every month.

It appears that if you were to flip Tony Stark around and check out the soles of his shoes, it would say “Made in China”. Chinese electronics manufacturer TCL have signed an exclusive product placement deal with Disney/Marvel for the upcoming Iron Man 3, which will see their TV’s, mobile phones and cloud technology “conspicuously employed” by the playboy superhero.

This is the second recent salvo in TCL’s assault on it’s biggest competitors, Apple and Samsung, as it recently made huge waves when it bought the rights to rename Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the famous landmark on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, to the TCL Chinese Theatre.

It’s been a pretty well known fact for a number of years now already that Gary Busey is a few Kardashians short of a home made porno. He’s crazy, is what I’m saying. So when you sit Mr Busey down and ask him about The Hobbit, you shouldn’t be surprised when the results contain a good helping of double-you tee eff.

I have really not been impressed with the sub-par marketing material for Bryan Singer’s upcoming Jack the Giant Slayer, particularly the last banner poster. It looks like somebody just discovered the magnetic lasso tool in Photoshop for the first time and just went to town with it. You know who agrees with me? Bryan Singer, that’s who!

@BryanSinger: “Sorry for these crappy airbrushed images. They do the film no justice. I’m proud of the film & our great test scores.”

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but Professor X, Shaggy from Scooby Doo and that hot topless lady from Sin City walk into a dance studio…

Patrick Stewart, Matthew Lillard and Carla Gugino have all signed for writer-director Tony Belber’s Match. The movie is based on Belber’s own 2004 Tony nominated Broadway play about “a reclusive, eccentric Julliard dance instructor and a former choreographer, Tobi (Stewart), who is visited by a Seattle couple, Lisa and Mike (Gugino and Lillard) under the pretense of interviewing Tobi for Lisa’s thesis on the New York dance movement in the sixties. However, as the couple’s true intentions are revealed, Tobi is forced to face the impact of decisions he made long ago.”

Fame and fortune would inflate most people’s heads to Darryn-like levels, but not Jennifer Lawrence. Despite already earning her second Oscar nomination just one year after she was legally allowed to drink, she’s developed quite a reputation as a great, down to earth interviewee, and that’s clearly evident in this appearance she did on David Letterman’s Tonight show where she explained the controversy around her Golden Globes “I beat Meryl” acceptance speech, and also denied her butt.

We’re about one week away from the Steve Jobs biopic jOBS debuting at the Sundance Film Festival, when we can finally find out whether Ashton Kutcher has more than just creepily accurate resemblance going for him, as he brings the Apple leader to life. Josh Gad, who plays the other Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, spoke to USA Today about Kutcher’s performance as well as the direction of the film’s story.

“There is an eerie resemblance — he didn’t have to do much to get there. When he showed up, it sent a ripple of shock throughout the set. Everyone was like, ‘We’re in the presence of Jobs. Let’s go do this.’ It was literally like being in the room with the creator of Apple. This is one of those roles that’s the perfect fit.”

“In a way, it’s a love story between [Jobs and Wozniak], and their journey is full of heartbreak and some different parting-of-ways moments.

The combination of Jobs’ ambition and design and Woz’s technical genius provided us with one of the most revolutionary tools ever created — the personal computer.”

USA Today also revealed 2 new images for the film which give us our first official look at Gad as the hairy (he had to endure 2 hours of facial hair prosthetics applications every day) technology pioneer.

Looks like Nicole Kidman’s upcoming Grace Kelly biopic, Grace of Monaco,  is a royal lie. That’s according to people who ought to know: her children. Prince Albert, the current ruler of the Mediterranean principality, issued a joint statement with his sisters, Princesses Stephanie and Caroline, about the film. And they are not impressed.

“We have had absolutely no association with this project, which claims to be about the lives of our parents. For us, this film does not constitute a biographical work but portrays only a part of her life and has been pointlessly glamorised and contains important historical inaccuracies as well as scenes of pure fiction.”

Kyle Hill, a Firefly fanboy, has written this rather compelling and entertaining article on how he can prove – using SCIENCE! – that Joss Whedon actually didn’t have to kill off a fan favourite character in Serenity. Yes, this is an article where somebody tries to calculate how much joules of energy a fictional weapon produces when it impacts on a fictional spaceship, and does it with complete seriousness.

Inspired by the fact that a whole bunch of you never went to see Dredd 3D (bastards!), Screencrush have compiled this list of 10 Comic Book Movies You May Have Missed. Unfortunately for me and my eyeballs, I didn’t miss Steel or Nick Fury: Agent of Shield.

Here’s the new teaser poster for The Internship, director Shawn “Real Steel” Levy’s new comedy that reunites Wedding Crashers duo Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as a pair of middle-aged salesmen who realize they’re falling behind in the digital age, so they try to reinvent themselves by getting jobs as interns at a Google-like tech company.

Lost alum Adewale “Mr Ecko” Akinnuoye-Agbaje will be pulling a double shift in Thor: The Dark World as he will be playing the Dark Elf, Algrim the Strong, but then also his later more powerful but amnesiac reincarnation, Kurse. The actor, whose name most of you are probably still trying to figure out how to pronounce, spoke to MTV about playing two characters in the big budget tentpole movie.

“I got a massive opportunity to play two characters in the movie: Algrim and Kurse. You go in thinking, ‘Yeah this is great.’ But when you get in there, you’re like whoa; six hours of makeup, prosthetics, all the physical [stuff]. But honestly, I loved it. It’s going to be such an epic.”

“And both of the characters, I have blonde hair, blue eyes, pointed ears, fangs, horns; everything you could want as boy in an action hero movie. It’s amazing. The fighting was really demanding. For instance, Kurse is the one that does all the fighting.

“It’s forty pounds of extra weight and the good thing about it is that it’s very flexible and elastic. I have a routine before I put it on: I stretch and do all my pilates. You see this big creature doing pilates, it’s great. And then we’d have to go fight. Me and Chris [Hemsworth] go toe-to-toe. It was hardcore.”

“[Thor and Kurse] fight differently. Chris has his hammer while Kurse is very animalistic, he’s got horns. So I tried to go with that flow. My movements are [basically] like an animal: twisting my body, turning my head, all kinds of things. Kurse is meant to be extremely powerful, nothing can stop him.

“It’s a great ride. There’s fights everything in the movie. Loki gets his fair share of fights; [one of which] is between him and I as well. The great thing about Kurse is he is having it with everybody. But yes, Loki has some amazing fights.”

Spartans are cool. Thanks to Zack Snyder’s 300, everybody now knows this as fact. But you know what’s cooler than a Spartan? A lightsaber! And while you may think that that’s about as coll as you could possibly get, there’s something else that gets downright sub-zero: A Spartan wielding a lightsaber!

Last Updated: January 17, 2013

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