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You gonna see blood in this red-band trailer for HANDS OF STONE

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If, like me, you watched UFC 202 this weekend past (How about that McGregor vs Diaz fight?!!), then you would have seen your fair bit of advertising for upcoming true story boxing drama Hands of Stone. I have to admit, I knew that the movie starred Edgar Ramirez as boxing legend Roberto Duran, but I wasn’t paying much more attention to it than that. Then I saw this new red-band trailer and realized that the movie also has somebody punching Usher Raymond in the face, and how can I not be excited to see that?

The RnB singer has acted in plenty of other movies and TV series before, but this is his first big headlining role in a major motion picture. It will be interesting to see if he can hold up his end as “Sugar” Ray Leonard, the other half of one of combat sports’ most iconic rivalries. Robert De Niro – who as the original Raging Bull certainly knows his way around a movie boxing ring – is also in the mix as Duran’s equally legendary trainer Ray Arcel.

Check out the trailer below.

So I guess Usher Raymond could indeed hold up his end. His naked rear end, that is. #sorry

Hands of Stone also stars  Ana de Armas, Jurnee Smollet-Ball, Ellen Barkin, and John Turturro. It was written and directed by Jonathan Jakubowicz, and is scheduled for release in the US on 26 August, while it hits local screens on 21 October.


Last Updated: August 23, 2016

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