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HBO Max boss says Justice League Snyder Cut “does not exist” yet, will be “wildly expensive” to make

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Last week, Darryn took a most interesting culinary adventure when he proceeded to eat his Batman cowl. Knowing Darryn’s terrible relationship with food, some of you may just have thought this a normal Thursday for him. This was actually the “D” staying true to his word after declaring his belief that the Snyder Cut of Justice League would never actually be released, and if somehow it miraculously did happen that he would munch down on that sweaty rubber headgear. Well, miracles happened.

To be fair to Darryn though, I also made a public declaration that the Snyder Cut would never happen. As I explained back in 2017, the state director Zack Snyder left the film in when he was forced to depart it was just too raw. There was just too much VFX, editing, and additional work still needed and I just could not see Warner Bros being willing to fork out more money on a film that had already lost them over $100 million at the box office. But I was apparently wrong as it was reported that the studio was willing to put down $20-30 million for this new version on the Warner-owned HBO Max streaming service. Now we’re learning that we may have underestimated the studio’s actual commitment to giving fans this version of the movie.

Chatting on the Vox’s Recode Podcast, Bob Greenblatt, the Chairman of WarnerMedia and head of HBO Max, was asked to confirm this reported $20-30 million figure. While the studio boss wouldn’t give an overt confirmation, he drolly responded that “I wish it was just 30 million and stop there,” implying that costs were running much further north of that figure. As Greenblatt explained further he said that all the work that Snyder has to do to make this film happen is “an enormous undertaking and very complex.” And that’s especially true since what we and some other publications had said before was factually correct: This is not actually a movie… yet.

Because it isn’t as easy as going into the vault and there’s a Snyder Cut sitting there to put out. It does not exist. Zack is actually building it and it’s complex including… new VFX shots, it’s a radical rethinking of that movie and it’s complicated and wildly expensive.

As we explained before, Snyder had planned for Justice League to be a two-part film, but now he has one film to realize his vision in. And he has to do it without being able to shoot any additional photography with the original cast (which would rocket up the cost even further). So yes, this is most definitely going to be complicated.

Last Updated: May 28, 2020

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