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Henry Cavill is keen to see Cyborg in the DC film universe

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Post ‘Man of Steel’, the internet exploded with easter eggs thrown into the film to get the geeky tongues wagging (or would that be geeky fingers typing?). Whatever the case, it succeeded also succeeded in showing us that DC has a larger universe in mind, much like Marvel is doing.

Cyborg_0008Well, your days of having to avoid Kervyn’s Man of Steel fanfic just to be able to reference obscure Superman facts is over! Henry Cavill, the current man in blue and red, has mentioned in a recent video that the Man of Steel Blu-Ray extras will point out a few easter eggs as well, with a few other goodies included. Count me in! He continued by mentioning that he would be excited to see Cyborg in the future films and that Lex Luthor would definitely be introduced. Great news, though I do expect that I will be unable to browse the internet for the rest of the week for fear of encountering yet another wave of Lex Luthor casting rumours. While the reality of what I just said sinks in, here’s what Mr. Cavill had to say, along with the video:

“On the extras on the Blu-ray, we’re going to get the opportunity to see Zack’s references to other aspects of the DC Universe. There’s one obvious one which is now particularly obvious because of our next installment, which is involving Batman as well. We see Bruce Wayne Enterprises on the satellite in space. We also see some references to LexCorp. I actually have no further knowledge of this next story, but there’s a good chance Lex is going to be introduced soon or at some stage.  What really intrigued me was Dr. Emil Hamilton’s connection to S.T.A.R. Labs. Cyborg I think would make a wonderful character and an incredible bridge between both superhumans and humanity in a different way to Batman.  So I don’t know where he’s going to come in or if he’s going to come in, but that’s one I’m particularly excited about. Other references I’m not too sure on, but we’ll see where those lead. Those with keen eyes will see them.”

So,who do you think would make a good Lex Luthor? Ah, who cares, Bryan Cranston will never say yes. It is just too incredible to ever happen.  Here’s a better one: Who would make a good Cyborg?

Last Updated: December 4, 2013

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  1. I find it really cool that he knows who Cyborg is.


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