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In Other News – 19 May 2014

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Man, it has become cold again. I know that sounds like my usual winter whinging, but this year is so damn cold that it can only be described with Afrikaans expletives. And frame frowers bru.

In Other News: Get stealthy in Enemy Front, some Planetside 2 screens for Erwinnnnn, live die and repeat in Sunset Overdrive,Godzilla smashes the box office and something is on Xbox TV.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy buying cat nappies.


What’s the plan for Xbox TV? You’ll find out in September
UK Charts – FIFA 14 beats Titanfall to top spot
Sunset Overdrive’s respawn animations make dying look like fun
Xbox One system update rolls out
Tecmo Koei hopes that Hyrule Warriors will be a million seller for Wii U
Planetside 2 producer unveils PlayStation 4 screenshots
A taste of Enemy Front’s stealth combat
Take a peek at Divinity: Original Sin’s collectors edition


Retrospective: F-Zero GX
The internet reacts to Google buying Twitch
Retrospective: Far Cry
Further proof that every game is better with monster collecting


Super Win The Game – Debut trailer
Natural Doctrine – Debut trailer
NBA 2K15 – Euroleague trailer

What’s on at The Movies

Cinophile – The Princess Bride
New Guardians of the Galaxy poster, character details and teaser trailers shoot in
Godzilla 2 is already in development
Sylvester Stallone talks The Expendables 3
Monday Box Office Report – Gojirra!
We Review X-Men: Days of Future Past – The future looks good
Whatever can happen will happen in this first full trailer for Interstellar


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