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Is Marvel planning more Hulk movies?

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If there was one breakout star in The Avengers, it would have to be the rather credible hulk performance from Mark Ruffalo. The actor managed to nail a pretty damn good convincing portrayal of ol’ jade jaws, from his quiet, ticking time-bomb nature as scientist Bruce Banner, to his full rage work when he strapped on a motion capture suit for scenes requiring a little bit more muscle.

And it looks like the future may be a little greener for the Hulk.Talking to Collider, Ruffalo revealed that he has already signed on to be in a total of six films, as Bruce Banner and “The other guy”.

Marvel movie head honcho Kevin Feige may not be too keen on another solo Hulk film anytime soon, but that attitude may soon change thanks to the positive press that The Avengers film has had on the character.

Consumer Products Chief Paul Gitter recently sat down with Forbes magazine to talk about the potential of more Hulk-centric projects, such as the plan to have him star in his own spin-off TV show, with a new film now likely in 2015.

Feige will still have final say however, as he’ll most likely want to avoid the character being over-exposed, otherwise the hulk might find his magic, and limited, smashing formula diluted.


Last Updated: May 2, 2012

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