It's not an April Fools joke, Ashton Kutcher will indeed portray Steve Jobs in an upcoming biopic

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You’d think that any story which made the rounds on April 1st yesterday was just a joke, but Ashton Kutcher portraying the late Steve Jobs as he rose to power, tumbled, scraped his knee, got better, rose to power again, and then died, is indeed happening.

Michael Stern will be directing the Matt Whitely-scripted film, as he charts the early days of the Apple visionary, from his time as a struggling developer, through to his rise as the leading force at Apple, in a life that was almost tailored for the big screen.

This might actually be the perfect role for Kutcher, as he a comparison between him and a younger Steve Jobs reveals a lanky similarity, and a role such as this might be just what he needs in order to boost his dramatic acting reputation.

Shooting is currently scheduled to begin next month, while Kutcher is on break from the TV series Two and a Half Men.


Last Updated: April 2, 2012

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