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John Carpenter and Blumhouse join up for a new HALLOWEEN

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I don’t rank Mike Myers as one of my all-time movie monsters, but that’s a generational thing. Halloween hit the lights just before I was born and soon was overtaken by a gold rush of slasher films, the most iconic of which was probably Jason from Friday the 13th.

But the Halloween franchise has never gone away, enjoying its own run of films helmed by the series creator, John Carpenter, before being handed to other directors and directions. In 1998 the franchise celebrated 20 years with Halloween: H2O, seeing the return of the original film’s heroine, Jamie Lee Curtis, and just shy of a decade later Rob Zombie released his under-appreciated re-imagining.

Zombie’s brutal treatment was in my opinion the best attempt to breath new life into the slasher genre, but the sequel was just an overindulgent mess and snuffed that particular candle. But true evil never dies and Mike Myers is set for another stab at the limelight.


Collider is reporting that John Carpenter is joining forces with long-time, second-generation Halloween producer Malek Akkad and Blumhouse Productions to create a new chapter in the horror franchise. But they aren’t saying much more, other than it doesn’t sound like Carpenter is directing and wasn’t fond of the Rob Zombie movies.

In fact, this is more like the announcement of an announcement, because they admit they don’t even quite know what they plan to do, only that it will happen. It may be a continuation of the franchise or a new film altogether. Blumhouse is best known for its recent run of hit low-budget horrors such as Sinister, Insidious, The Purge and also the movie robbed of its Oscar, Whiplash, so it looks like Halloween will have a back-to-basics budget.

But the odds are against them. Slasher reboots have not been doing well: Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and Texas Chainsaw Massacre have all failed to bring back the glory days. Can the man in the menacing William Shatner mask do better?

Last Updated: May 24, 2016

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