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Kevin Costner has a thing or two to teach Jack Ryan

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The upcoming, untitled film starring the lover of Patriot Games, Jack Ryan, is moving along now, with Chris Pine in the lead role. Kenneth Branagh is directing and villainising as well, in the reboot, but who will show a younger, less experienced Jack Ryan the ropes in this reboot? Why none other than Superman daddy and mentor, Kevin Costner.

Costner happens to be real busy as of late with stints in the TV drama The Hatfields and McCoys, Man of Steel, as well as an eye to star in the Luc Besson produced thriller Three days to kill.

As for the Jack Ryan film, Costner is looking at a role that has been described as “co-lead”, mentoring and handling the young CIA agent that Pine will be portraying.

Tom Clancy fans might think that this means that Admiral Greer will be appearing with Costner in the role, a part that James Earl Jones handled in The Hunt For Red October,Patriot Games and Clear And Present Danger.

Not so actually, as Jones might reprise it in the new film, making room for Costner to appear as an original, yet similar character. Things are certainly starting to come together now, and the latest Jack Ryan film is shaping up nicely indeed.

Last Updated: August 7, 2012

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