King Kong prequel SKULL ISLAND grabs Tom Hiddleston and a director

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One of the only real surprises that came out of this year’s rather tame Comic-Con was the reveal that Legendary, fresh from making some waves with their Godzilla reboot, were doubling down on the classic giant monster movie business by developing Skull Island, a prequel to the classic King Kong. Besides for the reveal that Godzilla writer Max Borenstein would also be penning this tale, and the unveiling of a moody teaser showing off one really pissed off giant ape, nothing else was known about the project other than it would be taking place on the titular monster-infested Skull Island.

Now if there’s anybody – whose name doesn’t rhyme with Ding Dong – who can bring an island full of giant beasties to heel, it’s an ancient demigod, so it’s a good thing then that Tom “I will forever be known as Loki” Hiddleston has signed on for the lead in the upcoming film. Legendary made the announcement yesterday (via and also went on to reveal that besides for bagging the Avengers and Thor star, the prequel has also found a director in Jordan Vogt-Roberts.


Vogt-Roberts has been honing his craft on short films and TV comedies for a few years, but really popped up on everybody’s radar with his first feature film directing gig, 2013’s The Kings of Summer, a coming-of-age dramedy that made quite the splash on the film festival circuit, and springboard it’s young star Nick Robinson into several big roles including Jurassic World. Vogt-Roberts followed his young stars lead and besides for Skull Island is also attached to the feature film adaptation of video game Metal Gear Solid.

I’ve yet to see The Kings of Summer or any of Jordan-Vogt’s other works, so I can’t really comment on his suitability for this gig – especially since he’s never done anything even close to the scope of Skull Island – but Hiddleston will always get my vote. He’s proven across numerous roles to be an absolutely magnetic screen presence, and is, in my opinion, in fact the real star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (sorry, Robert Downey Jr., but you know it’s true).

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Skull Island is currently scheduled for release on November 4, 2016.

Last Updated: September 18, 2014

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