Liam Neeson is going to get his particular set of skills spoofed in TOOKEN

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Listen closely. One of the greatest genres is about to be taken over by a pair of talentless hacks known only as Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. What they have, is a particular lack of skills that make their movies a nightmare for people wanting a good laugh. But if they let the genre go, that will be the end of it. We will not look for them, we will not pursue them. Because hopefully this Taken spoof will kill them off instead.

According to Deadline, Cameron Van Hoy and John Asher have completed a script for Tooken, which Asher will direct. A while back, Van Hoy actually directed a short  spoof of the cult film, called Taken 3: Back to Normal. Now, they’re getting enough cash and support to direct a full-length version.

The only problem? The title of “Tooken” is already in use. Comedians Key and Peel made use of it in a sketch, based on their overly excited car park valet characters. And then there’s Tina “30 Rock” Fey, who is busy starring in a new series for NBC which is also called Tooken. Expect the peacock to scramble lawyers soon in order to protect that intellectual property.

A name change ain’t exactly difficult for this product. Call it Tooky, Takening or hell any other mangled form of the English word and people will still cotton on to the fact that it’s a Taken parody. Here’s the original short film, which is actually pretty damn good.

Casting kicks off soon for expendable east-Europeans, with production starting later in the US summer.

Last Updated: March 18, 2014

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