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M:I 7, Jurassic World 3, Fantastic Beasts and The Batman all get permission to resume filming in the UK

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The UK government is giving several big blockbuster films permission to resume filming .

Tom Cruise can perform some pretty audacious stunts, but apparently running around trying to save a world from a pandemic and risk getting infected is where a film studio draws the line for the astronaut in training. As a result, filming of the next two Mission: Impossible films (being filmed at the same time) was one of the first big movie projects to be put on hold globally, as it required extensive shooting in Italy. Because that nation was one of the first to suffer a serious outbreak of Covid-19, they needed to put filming on hold, with the rest of the world eventually following suit. The studio eventually decided to rewrite the scenes set in Italy to take place in the UK instead.

For certain movies though, it looks like production will soon be able to resume. While Hollywood itself is taking a very cautious approach (with Michael Bay going to be the first to brave the waters and start filming of a movie in the US), it seems the UK  is actually proving to be the country that is most eager to see film production back on schedule despite arguably being in an even worse place with regards to the virus outbreak.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has announced (via Empire Online) that it is allowing production on several big blockbusters to resume, including Mission: Impossible 7, The Batman, Jurassic World: Dominion, Fantastic Beasts 3 and Sony’s musical version of Cinderella, who have now all been given quarantine exemptions in an effort to get their filming schedules back on track.

The world’s biggest blockbusters and high-end TV shows are made in Britain. Our creativity, expertise and highly successful tax reliefs for our screen industries means that we are an in-demand location that in turn delivers a great return for our economy. We want the industry to bounce back and exempting small numbers of essential cast and crew from quarantine is part of our continued commitment to getting cameras rolling safely again

For movie fans, knowing that these big blockbuster films can start shooting again is great news, as it means we will get to see them sooner. At the same time getting films back underway isn’t more important than keeping the cast and crew safe, so hopefully the studios can all find a way of taking the right precautions and keeping everyone safe. Except for Tom Cruise, he could probably survive whatever they throw at him.

Last Updated: July 8, 2020

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