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Midweek Movie Mouth-off: best realistic horror movies

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Let’s face it, horror movies aren’t very realistic. We know deep down that the monster from Cloverfield isn’t likely to bust up New York any time soon, Freddy Krueger can’t really kill you in your sleep, and the woods in America are more likely to have bears than Blair Witches. Even movies like Saw that pretend to be plausible have a premise that borders on the ridiculous (especially sequels II through VI or however many they made).

But a premise that’s believable? Now that’s when scary movies get really scary, it’s somehow infinitely worse when the monsters are just… people. Take the original Halloween. Yes I know it spawned the trend of immortal serial killers stalking innocent teenagers, but the first movie was just about a crazy guy that terrorises a small town on an already spooky night. His kill count was relatively small – hence believable – and the idea of a killer running around on Halloween, when everyone is dressed up and masked, is unsettling because you never know who might be behind the costume.

So which scary movie kept you up at night thinking, “damn… that could really happen”?

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Last Updated: October 21, 2015

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