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Midweek Movie Mouth-Off: movie scenes you just can’t watch

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I wouldn’t say I’m overly squeamish, I can handle a fair amount of violence and gore in films. Except for the time I fainted during the self-caesarean-section bit in Prometheus, but that’s beside the point. Sometimes movies really like to push boundaries when it comes to having gory scenes. Whether a gruesome scene is included to drive home a vicious point, or purely for the shock value, sometimes you just can’t bear to look.

One scene that sticks out for me as a good example of this was from Django Unchained. There was a lot of violence in that movie, some senseless, some not, and most of it was totally over the top. But I had to close my eyes and ears for the scene where Candie lets his dogs loose on a slave. I sincerely hope I’ve linked the right video there, because honestly I couldn’t watch the whole thing to check!

Maybe it was the curb-stomping scene in American History X, or the arm-cutting scene in 127 Hours. Fess up, which scene has made you completely look away from a movie?

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Last Updated: September 16, 2015

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