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Modernity and ancient powers collide in the fantasy drama Valley of the Gods

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Valley of the Gods is the upcoming fantasy drama from Polish writer/director Lech Majewski, and stars Josh Hartnett (Lucky Number Slevin, Penny Dreadful) and John Malkovich (Being John Malkovich, and the best part of Netflix’s otherwise dull Space Force).

Hartnett stars as an author, John Ecas, tasked with writing the biography of the world’s richest man, Wes Tauros (Malkovich), who’s in the middle of a conflict with a poverty-stricken Navajo community over obtaining mining rights in their sacred lands, the Valley of the Gods. But even Tauros’ wealth and power might not be enough to overcome the ancient powers that defend the valley.

The official plot synopsis is as follows:

Valley of the Gods contrasts abundance and poverty through three separate storylines, featuring a middle-class writer, an eccentric trillionaire, and a struggling Navajo community. Post-divorce, copywriter John Ecas (Hartnett) undertakes the biography of the richest man on earth (Malkovich), who is dead-set on mining sacred lands for uranium. When modern advance runs afoul of long-dormant guardians from ancient legend, even the most unimaginable wealth may soon meet its match.

Let’s take a look:

That was just utterly surreal. The blunt contrast between the poverty of the Navajo Nation and the godlike wealth and power that Jeff Bezos Wes Tauros possesses is a stark one – and yet it’s still not enough for him. This looks like a visual feast, I particularly loved the visual of the limousine morphing into a slithering snake and the symbolism behind it. I just hope the characters, plot, and dialogue are able to reach the same heights. The trailer doesn’t reveal much in that regard (which is rare and much appreciated), but we’ve got some top notch actors bringing that to life.

What do you think?

Valley of the Gods is due for release in the US on 11 August. It also stars Bérénice Marlohe, Keir Dullea, John Rhys-Davies, Jaime Ray Newman, Saginaw Grant, and Joseph Runningfox.

Last Updated: July 8, 2020

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