Monday Box Office Report

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There were plenty of new releases this past weekend at the North American box office, ranging from Ben Affleck’s new film, Argo, through to movies based on several psychopaths and objectivism. But could any of them beat a bloodthirsty Liam Neeson?

Nope! Despite experiencing a 55% drop in ticket sales, the Liam Neeson experience was still strong at the box office, barely edging out Argo and its Iranian hostage crisis shenanigans.

Sinister, while not a smash hit, made a decent opening, edging out competitors such as The Possession and Insidious.  Kevin James may have scared audiences away by going shirtless in Here Comes the boom, but he still did a hell of a lot better than Atlas Shrugged Part 2.

Finsihing up in a vastly underwhelming 11th place, the sequel earned a mere $200 000 more than the first film, despite being shown on over a 1000 screens, triple that of its predecessor.

As for everyone else, here’s who made what over the weekend:

  • Taken 2 – $22.5 Million
  • Argo – $20.1 Million
  • Sinister – $18.2 Million
  • Hotel Transylvania – $17.3 Million
  • Here comes the boom – $12 Million
  • Pitch perfect – $9.3 Million
  • Frankenweenie – $7 Million
  • Looper – $6.3 Million
  • Seven Psychopaths – $4.2 Million
  • The perks of being a wallflower – $2.1 Million

Last Updated: October 15, 2012

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