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Remember that Harry Potter RPG? It’s apparently launching next year

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I don’t care if this game takes me to Hogwarts or gives me a wand or does any of the stuff that a decent Harry Potter RPG would do. If it doesn’t have a rad as Hell Quidditch mode, then I just don’t care. Warner Bros. Give us a Quidditch game that plays like…FIFA or something, I don’t know. While the leaked footage of this upcoming Harry Potter game got out a few years ago, showing some levels of exploration and magical duelling, we’ve heard little more on the project helmed by Avalanche Studios and published by Warner Bros. Speaking to sources on the development team, Bloomberg confirmed that the leaked footage was real and gleaned some more tasty insights into the game.


Yet while the information may be tasty, they’re only just morsels as of right now. The game is reportedly still set to release in 2021 as a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X game with no mention of a PC version. While it was meant to be unveiled at E3 of this year, the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the debut of the game back to a later date. It’s now expected that Warner Bros. will officially announced the game after the DC FanDome event which will (hopefully) also see the announcement of the next Batman game, rumoured to be titled “Batman: Gotham Knights”.


The Harry Potter game will apparently feature plenty of RPG elements, an open world for exploration and a complete “re-creation of Hogwarts and its surrounding areas”. Whether those areas include iconic locations such as The Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade has yet to be determined but I feel like it bears repeating that there better be Quidditch dammit. Otherwise, what are we even doing here?

Last Updated: June 30, 2020

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