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Netflix and Blumhouse teaming up to adapt Stephen King’s Mr Harrigan’s Phone

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Not a week goes by where a new Stephen King adaptation is not in development, such is the influence of the man on the entertainment world. It seems that not even a global pandemic can scare people away from wanting to tell his deep, dark and scary stories to the world. Netflix, through its partnership with American Horror Story’s Ryan Murphy, is teaming up with horror masters Blumhouse to bring a new adaptation of a King book that surprisingly, has not yet been adapted before.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Murphy will produce an adaptation of Stephen King’s Mr Harrigan’s Phone. The story follows Craig, a young boy who is hired by Mr Harrington, an elderly billionaire who has retired in a small-town neighbourhood. After years of keeping him company, Craig buys Harrigan an iPhone. Upon Harrigan’s death, Craig arranges for the phone to be buried in his old friend’s pocket. After leaving a voicemail to the deceased Harrigan, Craig receives a message in return and discovers that not everything dead is gone.

Mr Harrigan’s Phone is the first of the four-part novella collection If It Bleeds, which likely means that Netflix could see this film as part of a franchise if it does well. And to ensure it gets the best treatment possible, Murphy has turned to John Lee Hancock (Saving Mr Banks) to write and direct the feature.

King’s works are a big draw for studios and even though not all adaptations work out, the wealth of excellent stories in his catalogue continues to inspire. With a strong team behind this one, it could turn out to be a movie that is worthy of the legend himself. Just like the recently released Doctor Sleep.

Last Updated: July 15, 2020

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