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New set pics from Marvel's AKA JESSICA JONES reveal David Tennant as the Purple Man

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The first of Marvel and Netflix’s five superhero series, Daredevil, was released last weekend and knocked it out of the park. You can read Kervyn’s review here. Next up, and releasing closer to the end of this year, is AKA Jessica Jones; with Krysten Ritter starring as the titular Jones, a former superhero who left the business to become a private detective in New York City.

Production is already underway and we’ve got a few set pictures for you (via JoBlo) featuring Ritter, Mike Colter as Luke Cage (whose own stand-alone Netflix series will be released next year), and former Doctor Who fly-half no.10 David Tennant as the villainous Zebediah Killgrave aka Purple Man – and the reason behind Jones retreating from her former life.

I've seen things...

The closest he gets to duckface

A newspaper? He's up to no good.


Not happy!

Heroes ain't got no time for full-face helmets

Make another sonic screwdriver joke, I dare you.

Get the full look from Edgars for only R999

I don't look suspicious

The first picture shows Ritter appearing as the wounded Jones pretty well I think, and it’ll be interesting to see how she changes over the course of the series. Colter, well, that’s one big guy, which is just what you’d expect from Luke Cage; and he rides a Harley so he’s obviously an investment banker a badass. Tennant may not be sporting the purple skin (yet?) that gives his character his name, but he’s certainly decked out in his trademark hue.

After Daredevil showed just how good a Netflix superhero series can be, AKA Jessica Jones is a show I’m definitely looking forward to seeing later in the year. Plus it’s bringing something different to the table with a strong female lead, which has been sorely lacking in recent years, struggling to overcome real personal demons, not just moping over a love triangle. Are you keen to see this too?

Last Updated: April 16, 2015


  1. RinceThis

    April 16, 2015 at 15:34

    Very keen. I know NOTHING about her story though. Even with Daredevil I know a little. Also, where you mocking The Doctor? I’ll have you sent back to ABBA’s practice days if you do that again!


    • Blood Emperor Trevor

      April 16, 2015 at 15:50

      GLADLY! Dr Who CARES?


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