In Other News – 10 November 2016

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Yesterday was one hell of a day. After the US election in the morning, I headed out to the licencing department to renew my drivers card. After around four years of admin and queues, I finally got my stuff done, left, and headed over to a Wookiee friend for some sweet furry hugs (this was a highlight, not a bad thing).

The real drama kicked off on my drive home a few hours later, when the heavens decided to open up. I survived the horrible downfall, only to come home to no power, and an open window in my bedroom – my one screen and keyboard was covered with rain! To make matters worse, water was pouring in through the roof straight into the lounge, so I had to climb the roof, mid-storm, to unblock the gutters.

Hey, I’m alive at least! I can’t wait for the weekend to start tomorrow though. All I need in my life right now is some soothing game therapy. Thankfully, my electronics all work, and no real damage was done. Also, I wasn’t stuck on the highway – thank goodness!

Right, now that my rant is out of the way…

In Other News: a new Walking Dead game, a patch for Skyrim, cosplay from BlizzCon (and Overwatch pick-up lines), and a guide for new assassins.

Here’s all the news we didn’t post today because we were too busy building homemade arks.


New Walking Dead Game Is An Arcade Shooter
Firewatch adds a calming new free-roam mode
EverQuest creators’ new RPG hits Steam Early Access
Mega Man X3 Available Tomorrow On The 3DS Virtual Console
Skyrim Special Edition gets a new patch to fix the old patch


Take a look at some of the best costumes from BlizzCon
How to transfer data from a PS4 to a PS4 Pro
NES Classic Adapter Lets You Use Actual Old NES Controllers
Overwatch’s next patch might allow Pharah to fly forever
Dishonored 2 beginner’s guide: 10 tips for all you aspiring assassins


Incredible Overwatch Cosplay vs Bad Pick-Up Lines

Dota 2 Fails of the Week – Ep. 167

FNAF Sister Location and the Origin of Deadly Puppets

What’s On @ The Movies?

X-MEN franchise being “reconfigured” without Bryan Singer
Our sincere apologies for yesterday’s competition confusion
Shawn Levy discusses UNCHARTED filming date and casting details
DEADPOOL 3 is already in development, will include Cable and X-Force
Hear the good news in this trailer for the R-rated comedy WILSON
Seven villains we want to see DOCTOR STRANGE face in a sequel


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