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Plans unveiled for a BIG BANG THEORY spinoff focused on young Sheldon

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When it comes to The Big Bang Theory I find that opinions are split down the middle with people either hating the show or loving it and if you are neither of these two demographics, well you probably couldn’t care less. I am definitely a fan of the show, although my opinion doesn’t matter because what is clear is that the show is a massive world-wide hit and is making serious cash for its creators, networks and stars. So much so that Warner Bros. TV and CBS are in the early stages of developing a spinoff of The Big Bang Theory that would revolve around the Sheldon Cooper character in his younger years.

With the amount of cash the show generates it is understandable that the networks would go this route, trying to capitalize as much as possible on the show’s popularity and squeezing every drop out of it. A Sheldon Cooper spinoff though is probably not the best idea in my opinion. If you do enjoy the show you would know that Sheldon alone is definitely not what makes it work, but rather the dynamic of all the cast put together as a collective. Without the rest of the gang, Sheldon would really just be an extremely annoying character, but when you add Leonard, the unlikely love interest of him and Penny, and then Rajesh, Wolowitz and their quirky romantic attachment,s you get a great blend of characters and enjoyable comedy.


Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon is attached to executive produce the spinoff along with Chuck Lorre and Steve Molaro, with Molaro writing the script focusing on Sheldon as a youth growing up in Texas. Co-creator/exec producer Bill Prady is likely to be on board as an executive producer as well.

Audiences have been introduced to glimpses of Sheldon’s past throughout the show’s ten seasons, with enough backstory for a stand alone series to be built on. I just can’t get that excited about the prospect. Personally, if there was a Big Bang Theory spinoff/prequel that I would want to see, then it would more likely be centered around the Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali friendship and their awkward social lives.

I would love to know what your thoughts are on the idea. Firstly do you love or hate The Big Bang Theory and should this spinoff even happen?

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Last Updated: November 9, 2016

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