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Rumour – The Dark Knight Rises DVD may be a directors cut version

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Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that The Dark Knight Rises was one helluva lengthy film. Director Christopher Nolan and his crew created a movie that was almost three hours long in total, after scenes were cut.

But could we be on the receiving end of a director’s cut version of his epic that adds even more length to that film?

We know that there was a scene shedding more light on the origin of Bane, that was cut out of the film, thanks to costume designer Lindy Hemming confirming it, but there may have been more.

Nuke The Fridge came up with the alleged info, hinting that Warner Bros. was looking to release an extended cut of the movie later this year:

Sources have informed Nuke the Fridge that not only is a Director’s Cut being developed by Warner Bros. for The Dark Knight Rises, but it’s going to include Bane’s origin plus a bit more screentime for Ra’s Al Ghul (Liam Neeson) which were omitted from the current theatrical cut of the movie….According to our reliable spies…The new Director’s Cut is said to make the film about thirty minutes longer.

But some pinching of the salt may be in order here. Nuke The Fridge isn’t exaclty the most reliable of sources, while Christopher Nolan himself is something of a perfectionist, and most likely fought tooth and nail to get his vision of the film completed and up on the screen.

Plus, releasing a director’s cut with the first wave of DVD and Blu-ray releases makes very little sense, from a financial standpoint, as fans are all too eager to spend double the cash necessary to buy a second version of such a film.

Warner Bros. has yet to confirm these rumours, but what do you think? Would The Dark Knight Rises benefit from such a version, or is the film too damn long already?

Last Updated: September 6, 2012

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