Ryan Engle to draft BEN TEN for the big screen

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Oh keep quiet, we’ve got to keep the kids happy as well on this site. One such way of keeping the little ones happy is to leave them in front of a TV and a few animated commercials, and right now, Ben Ten rules that time slot. Video games, TV series, straight to DVD movies and plenty more merch have turned the obnoxious ten year old with alien wristwatch powers into a franchising event horizon.

And now, he’s headed to a much bigger screen.

Created by Man of Action ( A group of writers consisting of Joe Casey, Steven Seagle, Duncan Rouleau and Joe Kelly), Ben Ten centers on young Ben Tennyson, an obnoxious child with a watch that allows him to transfer into one of ten different alien forms, each with their own powers.

Producers Alex Heineman and Sarah Meyer are on board for this latest big screen attempt, that has a draft script being rewritten by Ryan “Rampage” Engle according to THR. Joel Silver still got the ball on the project rolling back in 2011, on a screenplay that was turned in by Albert Torres.

So parents, brace yourselves, because if this reaches the big screen, your kids are going to want even more Ben Ten merch. Happy Thursday!

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Last Updated: February 21, 2013

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