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Sam Gamgee is going to be faceless in the CABIN FEVER prequel

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Former comic book artist and now film director Kaare Andrews has been hard at work getting his Cabin Fever prequel into production. He’s got the gear, the crew, and now, he has some victims cast as well in this flesh-eating tie-in film project.Sean Astin, Brandon Eaton and Ben Hollingsworth have signed up to be in the fil, which will further explore the origins of that nasty epidermis-devouring virus, which was first glimpsed back in the 2003 Eli Roth directed film.

Patient Zero will find the guests of a Caribbean Cruise ship facing the full brunt of that viral attack, when their ship crashes into a medical research island that unleashes it.

Andrews is currently getting his crew down to the Dominican Republic for the shoot, where the former Lord of the rings actor who had a serious man crush on Frodo will join him with the rest of the cast.

Last Updated: June 27, 2012

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