Ted red band trailer – This is not the teddy bear to get for your kids this X-mas

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What with shows like Family Guy and American Dad, as well as making jokes about Pamela Anderson’s nether regions as MTV Roast-master, it’s a well-established fact that Seth MacFarlane is a funny man. And based on this red band trailer for his directorial debut, Ted, it looks like he may be just as funny as Mark Wahlberg’s foul mouthed, pot smoking, drink swilling teddy bear.

Oh and be prepared for some very NSFW language.


I love how the trailer starts off like some stereotypical rom-com with Kunis and Wahlberg, and then bam! “F#ck you, thunder!”

Here’s the synopsis:

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane brings his boundary-pushing brand of humor to the big screen for the first time as writer, director and voice star of Ted. In the live action/CG-animated comedy, he tells the story of John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg), a grown man who must deal with the cherished teddy bear who came to life as the result of a childhood wish…and has refused to leave his side ever since.

Last Updated: April 2, 2012

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