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THE FORCE AWAKENS dethrones AVATAR as the highest grossing movie in US history

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At this point in time, the list of records broken by Star Wars: The Force Awakens is probably already longer than I am tall (And let me tell you, I am one tall bastard!), but it may have just claimed its biggest accolade yet. As predicted a few days ago, The Force Awakens has now surpassed James Cameron’s Avatar as the highest grossing movie in US box office history. And it did it in record time.

THR reports that the latest chapter in the Star Wars saga added an additional $8 million to its tally yesterday to take it past Avatar‘s $760.5 million domestic total. And it took just 20 days to accomplish that feat, whereas Avatar needed a 7-month theatrical run and a theatrical re-release to reach that figure.


But as much as The Force Awakens is serving up a good lightsaber slice-and-dice to Avatar‘s records in the US, it looks like the JJ Abrams directed sequel is going to fall short of the mark on the global scale. Currently sitting on $1.54 billion internationally, The Force Awakens still needs to open in the massive Chinese market this weekend coming, but even the $175 – $300 million it’s estimated to gross there will not be enough for it to claim the all-time international crown.

At this rate it looks as if The Force Awakens will end up around the $2.2 billion mark, which will be enough to kick Titanic off the no. 2 spot but will still be a good couple of hundred million short of Avatar‘s whopping $2.78 billion. But even that is still a ridiculously impressive achievement, and one the folks over at Disney will surely be celebrating. Especially since this is merely the first of an annual Star Wars movie until 2021, and if the rest of them perform even half as well The Force Awakens then that $4 billion investment they made to acquire Lucasfilm looks like the best deal ever!

Last Updated: January 7, 2016

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  1. And that’s before all the licensed merchandise cash as well… sick money


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