The full trailer for Expendables 2 has just exploded in your face!

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Just as promised by one Mr Terrence A. Crews, the full trailer to Expendables 2, the manliest movie ever made, came out last night. And boy it did not disappoint. This is pretty much the 80’s action version of The Avengers, except everybody is the love child of the Hulk and Tony Stark.

It’s filled with enough explosions to make even Michael Bay go “Daaaaaaammn”, vintage droll one-liners delivered like only Arnie can, Jean Claude Van Damme kicking somebody in the face like only he can and Sylvester Stallone throwing a motorocycle at a helictoper.



If you are in the possession of testicles, hell even testicle (singular), then chances are that your face has just gone full retard. And ladies, I would highly recommend you go have yourself checked out by a doctor ASAP. There’s a very high chance that you may have just spontaneously grown a penis and/or got impregnated via video.

Last Updated: May 4, 2012

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