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The purge is black in this new trailer for MEET THE BLACKS

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If a movie or franchise garners any kind of huge success or following you can be almost certain that it will be followed up by some people smart enough to cash in off of that success with some kind of ridiculous spoof movie. These can be done really well and end up being classics in their own right, like The Naked Gun, Spaceballs, Shaun Of The Dead, Austin Powers and Robin Hood: Men In Tights come to mind.Then there are those that is so over the top that it’s just too terrible to really enjoy – well for me anyway. When I think of these I am reminded of Not Another Teen Movie, Vampires Suck, Disaster Movie and most recently the Haunted House franchise.

Now I bring you Meet The Blacks, a movie that takes the mickey out of The Purge and also tries to bring Mike Epps back to stardom, and if they can do both those things then I will be a very happy man. You see I really enjoy The Purge and I have always managed to enjoy the humor of Epps so this should be the kind of movie that is targeted specifically for someone like me. It’s now just up to Hidden Empire Film Group to turn those ingredients into a hit – They also have Mike Tyson starring in it so, so far so good.

You can welcome The Blacks to the neighborhood in this trailer below:

The trailer looks good and this could certainly be one spoof movie I add to my nice list this year, but that will have to wait till I get to see it. Until then the image of Iron Mike in that wig will have to tie me over. Joining Epps and Tyson in this comedy-thriller is Zulay Henao, Bresha Webb, George Lopez, Gary Owen, Lil Duval, Tiny Cottle, Perez Hilton, Paul Mooney, and Charlie Murphy – with Deon Taylor directing.

Meet The Blacks is scheduled for release on the 1st of April 2016.

Last Updated: February 19, 2016

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