The trailer for The Monk – Piety, devoutness, celibacy and bats in a belfry!

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Insanity is no laughing matter. Ok, sometimes it is, and that’s why I own a box set of Jackass DVDs, but still, it’ s a serious topic. We’ve seen plenty of films wherein characters go absolutely bonkers in a variety of places, from hospitals and police stations, through to ballet concerts and the wild untamed frontiers of, er, somewhere.

But have you ever seen a monk lose his marbles completely? Well now you can, in the upcoming film, The Monk.

Based on the book written by Matthew Lewis, The Monk tells the story of one particularly devout fan of the burlap robes, Ambrosio, portrayed by Vincent Cassel.

After falling in love with a young girl near his Spanish monastery, Ambrosio quickly descends into a celibacy-fueled spiral of madness, that happens to be egged on by some sorcery and good ol’ fashioned murder.

The Monk is due for release in April this year.

Last Updated: March 27, 2012

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