This new full trailer for THE BOURNE LEGACY is not just a science project!

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We’ve been hearing it from new writer/director and series narrative architect Tony Gilroy since the start, that the events in the new Bourne Legacy are not a rehash or reboot but rather as a direct result of the actions of amnesiac ass-kicker Jason Bourne, in the last film. Up until now that link hasn’t been quite clear though, as all we’ve seen is series newcomer Jeremy Renner’s Aaron Cross putting fist/boot/bullet to face with aplomb. And well frankly, I was quite happy there already (I’m a simple man, with simple violent needs).

But now Universal have released a new full trailer which provides us with the most info thus far: How Aaron Cross fits into Jason Bourne’s story, what role Rachel Weisz’s character plays and also how to ride a motorbike like a skateboard.

Sounds to me like Mr Cross is some kind of experimental super-soldier hence his ability to jump into tiny gaps. And, is it just me or do you guys also miss the shaky cam? I know that some people may not have taken a liking to the non-stop kineticism (Damn this sensitive inner ear!) but it’s sort of become the series’ signature look, and now with Tony Gilroy’s much steadier hand on the camera, it makes the action look just a little… dare I say it?… normal.


The narrative architect behind the “Bourne” film series, Tony Gilroy, takes the helm in the next chapter of the hugely popular espionage franchise that has earned almost $1 billion at the global box office: “The Bourne Legacy.” The writer/director expands the “Bourne” universe created by Robert Ludlum with an original story that introduces us to a new hero (Jeremy Renner) whose life-or-death stakes have been triggered by the events of the first three films. 

For “The Bourne Legacy,” Renner joins fellow series newcomers Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton, Stacy Keach and Oscar Isaac, while franchise veterans Albert Finney, Joan Allen, David Strathairn and Scott Glenn reprise their roles. 

Last Updated: June 1, 2012

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