This trailer for CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES is an occupational hazard

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In what is sure to be a movie that is forgotten as soon as the credits roll, actor turned director Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen, Little Children) has teamed up with quite the cast for a thriller/comedy I think I’ve seen about 5 times before. Starring John Travolta as one of his go-to-characters; we’ve seen him as a bad-boy mobster with a sense of humour a few times now, the best being his character in Face Off. This time he has four idiots running errands in order to pay off a $400,000 debt, or else things will go snap, crack and pop. Have a watch and see what you think…


I must say that I am happy to see Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) in a movie again as I think he has a great future ahead (I really enjoyed his mental character in The Guest) but fear this is just a quick flash in the pan of stupid, silly brain rot. In an interview with EW last year Stevens had this to say:

“[My character is] for the most part kind of a nerd who reunites with some high school friends and they sort of fall in with the mob. I was really intrigued to work with Jackie Earle Haley. I was a big fan of his as an actor. I’d not worked with an actor-director before.”

It’s nice to hear that big actors like Travolta also seemed to get involved and not throw their weight about, like some other actors can (looking at you Bale).

“John Travolta was really great. He didn’t come in as ‘big JT,’ he came in as a fellow actor wanting to see what we’re all up to and really got involved.”

I’ll probably enjoy watching it over a few cans of beer with mates when it hits VOD and iTunes 20 November.

Last Updated: October 21, 2015

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