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This trailer of AUTOMATA will have you CTRL, ALT, DELETE

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I had mixed feelings about Alex Proyas’ I, Robot. It looked great but gave us a rather simple look into what happens when a robot becomes sentient. I thought it focused too much on the pew pew of a super computer trying to cleanse the virus called humans when it could have been so much more. However, after watching this trailer of Automata (a term meaning ‘self-operating machine) I am seriously excited that someone may finally have got it right!

Starring Antonio Banderas (Desperado), the film is set some 50 years in the future at a point in time where robot consciousness is just catching up with humans. Banderas plays a robot accident investigator who uncovers something a little more serious than an error 37 message. It looks a bit like a Planet of the Apes/Blade Runner/Elysium mix only with a lot more iron in their diet and seems to contain enough grit to slow down even the most oiled machine.

Have a look at this trailer and see what awesome looks like.

Spanish director Gabe Ibañez (Máquina) will be helming the movie which also stars Banderas’ ex-wife Melanie Griffith (Working Girl), Dylan McDermott (The Practice), Robert Forster (Jackie Brown) and the voice of Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men) as the voice of the lead robot.

The movie is out on 10 October, 2014.

Last Updated: August 22, 2014

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