Toodleloo dearies, it's the trailer for MISS MEADOWS

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Miss Meadows

We’ve all had that one teacher, that we suspected of being less than perfect when we were out of their classes and school was closed for the day. And in Miss Meadows, Katie Holmes plays such an educator, a prim lady with a passion for developing kids and keeping them safe. With bullets of course.

A story centered on a proper elementary school teacher who moonlights as a vigilante.

Not bad. It’s an interesting premise, but for some reason I think this would have worked better as a dark comedy, instead of a dark drama. But maybe there’s more to this film that the trailer isn’t conveying properly. Miss Meadows stars Katie Holmes, James Badge Dale, Mary Kay Place and Jean Smart. Karen Leigh Hopkins directs, with an eye on a November 14 release.

Last Updated: August 21, 2014

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