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Top List Thursdays – Top ten robots

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For as long as movies have been around, robots have been a crucial part of them. Some of the best heroes and villains in films have had a robotic side, something that movies have been all too willing to exploit. So join us today, as we look at ten of the best robots to grace our screens.

R2D2 – Star Wars franchise



We all know who the real star of the farp-off galaxy franchise really is. It wasn’t some whiny kid with a lightsaber, a swaggering smuggler or Samuel L Motherlovin’ Jackson. It was R2D2, a robot who managed to kick all kinds of ass without the use of a voicebox of a proper set of arms. While linguist droid C3P0 was wandering around begging for an oil bath, it was R2D2 that smuggling in lightsabers, zapping aliens and helping to save the day. In fact, Star Wars would have been boned if this little astromech droid had never been around.

T-800 – Terminator franchise



What’s the best way to kill humans in the future when you’ve taken over the world? Why, by taking a standard T-800 endoskeleton, wrapping some Austrian man-flesh around it and sending it into battle! Tough, durable and able to kick all manner of advanced ass that came it way, this was a robot that was clearly running on Windows XP software, in comparison to the Vista operating system of its more technologically superior successors which allowed the Arnie-bot all manner of ass-kicking advantages.

ABC Warrior – Judge Dredd



Does a robot that happens to be made to wade through atomic, bacterial and chemical battlegrounds really need to be even more intimidating? The answer to that is hell yes, as the ABC Warrior was a rough and tough growling mean machine. I both love and hate this guy. I love him because he put a bullet through Rob Schneider. But I hate him because he was somehow defeated moments later by that same fella. What a terrible end for a truly great piece of hardware.

Gypsy Danger – Pacific Rim

gypsy danger


To battle the monsters at our doorsteps, we didn’t just build monsters of our own. We built walking engines of destruction with rocket-powered elbows, swords the size of a skyscraper and a heart made from a nuclear furnace. In other words, we came, we saw and we kicked some Kaiju ass in Pacific Rim.

Pris – Blade Runner



Replicants. They’ve seen so much during their short lives, and yet they’re doomed to a life devoted to only one task, ending in a quick death. Pris may not have been as fast or as clever as her fellow replicants, but she was strangely dangerous in her own right, something that Harrison Ford’s mumbling Deckard found out the hard way in Blade Runner.

Mecha Godzilla – Godzilla franchise

mecha godzilla


There’s no denying that Godzilla is the king of all monsters. He’s an atomic age mutant lizard that fires nuclear power from his mouth and always gets hungry for another round Asian city destruction after an hour. So how do you combat ol’ Gojirra? Why with a mechanised version of him of course! What could possibly go wrong?

Marvin – The Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy



What’s the point? Why even bother describing the depressed Marvin to you all. Our civilization is doomed, our planet will be consumed by the Sun in a few billion years, the Andromeda galaxy will soon collide with the Milky Way after that event and most of the stars in the sky are already dead, just like my dreams.

Iron Giant – The Iron Giant

iron giant


I dare you to not choke back a few tears at the end of the Iron Giant, when the massive mech reveals that even a gigantic alien killing machine bred for domination and destruction can have  a change of heart when faced with nuclear annihilation. There’ll never be a robot that can move your heart, like the Iron Giant.

Wall-E – Wall-E



Well shit, I stand corrected. Wall-E was tiny, built for one task and left all on his own. And after spending many years all on his lonesome, Wall-E may just have been the most human character to ever set foot/tread in a CGI film.

Robocop – Robocop franchise


Robocop actually has more than three prime directives. Sure, there’s that secret fourth one regarding OCP executives, but there’s also a hidden fifth rule that officer Alex Murphy follows as well. Namely, kicka s much ass as possible, look good while doing it and break as much glass as possible when arresting perps.


Last Updated: February 6, 2014

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