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TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT to feature real knights, possibly go back in time

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You know what I disliked even more than the horrid product-placement abortion that was the last Transformers movie? The fact that the movie was bookended by some intriguing mythology-building scenes that’s probably going to ensure that I go against my better judgement and give director Michael Bay more of my money to see the next one. Why am I so curious?! Why?!

Said movie was recently fully titled as Transformers: The Last Knight, and it appears that that name might have a very literal meaning, tying Optimus Prime and co into Arthurian legend. Which means I want to watch this even more now. Damn it!

The film is currently shooting in Scotland and some new set pic shave shown up courtesy of a Facebook user, showing ofd some armoured knight on horseback.



Bay also uploaded his own set video on Instagram, but it was sadly knightless. Also, explosion-less. What’s up with that?

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There had already been rumours that the story of Transformers: The Last Knight somehow linked up with the legend of King Arthur – yes, he of the Round Table and the magical sword Excalibur – and this is some strong evidence to support that. The rumour went to state [POSSIBLE SPOILER WARNING] that the movie would open with Optimus Prime finally traveling back to his homeworld of Cybertron, only to find it’s a complete mess. However, as is often the case with these things, there’s a magical doohickey that can actually restore the robotic planet to its former glory. And as luck would have it (well, bad luck for us locals who don’t want to see our planet used as a battleground), said macguffin was buried on Earth back when Britain was ruled King Arthur.

So either these pics are showing a flashback to those Arthurian time when this artifact was buried over in Camelot, or the Transformers are actually going to be traveling back in time to that period to get the device at the source, so to speak. Some of you may be a bit hesitant about this idea, as you can’t imagine how a movie involving both giant robots and medieval knights would work. Well, let me then also remind you that this is a movie in which robots can choose to disguise themselves as underwear models but instead prefer to exist as nasty dump trucks. Logic and sense have never exactly been good bedfellows with this franchise.

Transformers: The Last Knight will see Mark Wahlberg reprising his role from Transformers: Age of Extinction as Cade Yeager, the struggling American inventor with a name like a robot from Pacific Rim. Former franchise stars Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson will also be reappearing as a pair of soldiers, while newcomers to the series include Isabela Moner as a streetwise orphan with a robot BFF and Sir Anthony Hopkins in a undisclosed role (Five bucks says he’s either Arthur or the wizard Merlin). It is scheduled for release on June 23, 2107

Last Updated: August 26, 2016


  1. I think it will be a flasback… And then Marky Mark will be revealed as part of King Arthur’s bloodline to make him the last knight


  2. Lyle

    August 26, 2016 at 13:35

    Do I have to travel into the future to watch this movie? June 23, 2107


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