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WWE RAW results – February 29 2016

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WWE RAW (13)

Welcome, to Monday Night RAW! RAW IS STILL WAR! Taking place at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennesee, Monday Night RAW was held for the first time ever on a leap year day. Here’s what went down in the WWE ring. As usual, there be spoilers ahead:


Opening promo – Triple H is in the ring

WWE RAW (12)

The Game starts cutting a promo on Roman Reigns, going on about how people need to learn to not challenge the Authority. Dean Ambrose interrupts the hot air, challeges Triple H for his championship and instead gets a match with Alberto Del Rio. Triple H says that he’ll deliver his answer before the night ends.

Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks – Draw


The two Divas battle it out to be crowned the number one contender for the Divas championship. Current champion Charlotte and Ric Flair are at ringside, watching the match as the two ladies eventually battle to a stalemate, with the referee declaring the match to be a draw.

The Miz defeats Dolph Ziggler

Another great match with two talented superstars, that ends up with the Miz rolling Ziggler into a small package pin for a quick victory.

Rusev and Sheamus defeat Kalisto and Sin Cara


Rusev and Sin Cara trade blows in this tag team match, before eventually landing the finisher on Kalisto and pinning him for the three-count. After that match, Alberto Del Rio attacks Kallisto some more, with the League of Nations then standing in the ring and celebrating another win.

Ryback defeats Adam Rose

Adam Rose throws everything he has at the perpetually hungry muscle machine known as Ryback, but nothing sticks. Ryback ends the match with Shellshocked, sealing the deal on the three-count and victory while the Social Outcasts watch on at ringside.

AJ Styles and Chris Jericho defeat Kofi Kingston and Big E

WWE RAW (11)

After cuttiing a promo about just why they’re the most successful group ever in the WWE, the New Day heads to the ring. Jericho and Styles pull all manner of tricks out of their book, hitting the entire team with dual springboard splashes to the outside. The momentum shifts when Kofi Kingston and Big E start tagging in regularly to start a beatdown on Styles, but shifts yet again when AJ nails a Pele kick on Big E and tags in Jericho.

Jericho cleans up in the ring, with Styles sending Big E outside of it so that his partner can counter Kingston’s Trouble in Paradise and turn it into the Walls of Jericho submission for the win.

With that match finished, Jericho and Styles declare that they want a tag-team championship shot next week on RAW.

The Undertaker appears


Vince McMahon struts on down to the ring, talks about the upcoming match between his son Shane McMahon and the Undertaker, and introduces the infamous Deadman. The Undertaker appears, interrupts Vince and declares that the blood of his son will be on his hands. Taker vanishes to the back, with McMahon resuming his promo and declaring that once his son is beaten, “Shane will no longer be my son in my heart, he will just be a son of a bitch.”

Bubba Ray Dudley defeats Jey Uso

Despite having some early control in the match, Jey Uso gets distracted by D-Von Dudley’s ringside antics and falls victim to a Bubba-Bomb finisher that earns Bubba Ray the three count on the pin.

The Big Show defeats Kevin Owens


Punches and big shoulder blocks from the Big Show to start the match off, before Owens throws the giant into the turnbuckle and follows up with a superkick. Owens manages to hit a Tornado DDT on the Big Show on the floor at ringside, with Show paying back the assault with a top-rope crotch-attack on Owens. With the deadliest of all attacks rendering him inert for a good ten seconds, the referee counts Owens out for a Big Show win.

Naomi defeats Brie Bella

Thanks to some inteference from Tamina, Naomi gets an early advantage and hits Brie with a running bulldog. Brie returns the favour with a few kicks and a running knee, but Tamina inteferes again. Distracted, Brie gets caught up in Naomi’s new submission hold and taps out.

Dean Ambrose defeats Alberto Del Rio


The match kicks off outside the ring, with Del Rio delivering a vicious beatdown to Ambrose and hitting a clothesline on the renegade. That only makes for a two-count however, as Del Rio inflicts more damage on Ambrose from turnbuckle to ringside stomps. Ambrose bounces back inside the ring with a clothesline reply, until Triple H appears and the entire League of Nations decide to end the match with a savage beating.

Ambrose wins via disqualification, but he’s broken for the night. Triple H works the mic to start trash-talking Ambrose, but he replies with a right hand that starts a brawl which ends in a Pedigree finisher from the cerebral assassin. Triple H declares that Ambrose will indeed geta  title match, gets back into the ring and delivers some more pain onto AMbrose, leaving him broken on top of the announcers’ table as RAW ends its broadcast for the night.

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