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Yes, that actually is Colin Farrell in the trailer for The Batman

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Despite it being 3am at the time, after writer/director Matt Reeves dropped the fantastic first trailer for The Batman at the end of the film’s DC FanDome panel this weekend past, I rapidly rewatched it a bunch of times in a row. Besides for just being blown away by this preview, I was trying to take in all the details: The brilliant mash-up of Michael Giacchino’s Batman theme and Nirvana’s “Something in the Way”, Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon apparently not being Commissioner yet, that puzzle left by Paul Dano’s Riddler (which has already been solved), the Batcave used by Robert Pattinson’s Batman not actually being a cave, the subtle cat-like touches on Zoe Kravitz’s cat burglar outfit, AND HOLY CRAP IS THAT COLIN FARRELL?!

We all knew that the Irish-born actor was in The Batman, playing a new version of comic book villain Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin, a name which he detests and hasn’t adopted yet, according to Reeves. But if you were looking at this trailer for the first time, you were probably missing Farrell’s usual poster boy good looks because it was buried under some seriously great prosthetics.

Some fans/publications still weren’t convinced that it actually was Farrell though, especially since the alleged character is only in two shots in the trailer (that’s also him doing the “Whoa, this guy is crazy!” line). But that was all put to rest when Mike Marino, the very person who designed the prosthetics for The Batman, posted the same screenshot as above on his Instagram feed (via CinemaBlend) and included a “#colinfarrell” hashtag.

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Link in bio, if you haven’t seen it yet check out Matt Reeves teaser trailer for The Batman #makeup #spfx #robertpattinson #colinfarrell #zoekravitz #pauldano #batman #prosthetics #practicaleffects #sfx #makeupartist #prorenfx

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Seeing as how Marino also added hashtags for #robertpattinson, #zoekravitz, and #pauldano, some fans still thought this wasn’t totally conclusive proof that the person in the pic was Farrell. When questioned about it repeatedly in the comments, Marino bluntly shut the doubters down, stating that “we BUILT THIS”. And what they’ve built is already crazy impressive!

Reeves has indicated that with COVID-19 shutting down production, they’ve only shot about 30% of the movie thus far which means that footage available for the trailer was very limited. As production resumes, we’ll probably get further looks at Farrell’s character, which has to already be a front-runner for makeup effects when awards season eventually rolls around. And if the people in charge of these awards do snub The Batman in this regard, they can probably expect some VENGEANCE!

Last Updated: August 26, 2020

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