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Zack Snyder discusses how THE JUSTICE LEAGUE fits into BATMAN VS SUPERMAN

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One of the biggest issues with studios trying to put together these massive super hero ensembles like Marvel’s The Avengers, is how to introduce all the characters in a subtle way that doesn’t overwhelm the viewers with too much information all being revealed at the same time. Marvel did this really well by establishing the characters over several movies before launching The Avengers and now DC Comics faces the same challenge as they try and bring The Justice League to cinema audiences. In many regards, its probably going to be even more of a challenge, as they are looking to get to that point with fewer movies, but that doesn’t mean they intend on rushing things too much either.

Speaking on the Hall of Justice podcast, director Zack Synder got to speak a little about how they are going to be introducing some of The Justice League cast members in the upcoming movie Batman vs Superman: The Dawn of Justice.

As far as the other Justice League characters go, they play a very small role. It’s really just a whisper they exist. Except for Wonder Woman, we see her really well. But really the movie is about Batman and Superman. And we really take time with them and we really drill down on the why of them and what they stand for and their beliefs and them as characters. That’s pretty much the why of the movie. But again as I said, it does begin the conversation about these guys are out there.

So apart from Wonder Woman, who we know already plays a significant part in the movie, we can probably expect to see minor parts or at least mentions of Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg in the film, as they are all set to appear in The Justice League: Part One film when it comes out in November 16, 2017. It’s good as it will allow them to properly introduce these new heroes in the upcoming movies and build anticipation for the bigger ensemble movies to come.


In discussing how the DC Cinematic Universe will also coincide with their television Universe which they have done a good job at establishing already, he had the following to say:

As opposed to trying to shoehorn all these storylines into a single universe, we let the characters exist in a multi-universe, and it’s a lot more fun, and a lot more value for the audience.

[Fans] get to see their favorite, most beloved characters on different adventures at the same time in different universes. It makes it a lot more fun, we get to go in different directions at the same time. I’m like a kid in a candy store with this incredible opportunity. It’s really fun. It couldn’t be any better.

So, they are going with the multi-verse approach and keeping their universes separate which has been something reported before with no crossovers between the TV and cinematic versions of The Flash. Personally, it makes sense as the TV series’ make no mention of anything happening in the movies and it would be too late to try and amend that now. Most fans will be able to separate the two, though it would’ve been fun to get some cross-over appeal between the two.

Which character are you most excited to see revealed from The Justice League?

Last Updated: February 8, 2016

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