3 Energy eSports members defect to Bravado

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Last year was an incredible year for Energy with their DOTA 2 not only claiming South Africa’s pride back with the defeat against the Mexican competition but they also beat the long running dominant team, Bravado, in the hotly contested DOTA 2 Do Gaming League.

Earlier this year I was surprised to hear that Anthony ‘scant’ Hodgson was planning on joining the Energy group. We took this information with a pinch of salt as Anthony is a manager over at Bravado and we all know from following sports that you simply can’t leave a team to join their greatest competitors.

So colour me shocked that when I went in search of more details from Energy it came about that not only is Anthony not joining them but that he is also now taking 3 of the Energy members over to Bravado.

Now maybe I’m looking at this through the wrong glasses but leaving a team that has secured fantastic sponsorships and won the recent championships for the biggest competition just seems a little uncaring and a little suspicious.

What’s the point in leaving if you are already in the top team?

Then I remembered that Energy actually sent the DOTA 2 side to Paris to compete in the ESWC recently where they finished a credible 4th (In their group). To then abandon a team that has pumped so much money into your dream to be a professional gamer is disgraceful.

How can these kids expect to be taken seriously when they treat sponsors and team owners like that?

[Update] I did forget to include here that all three players had a signed contract. However Energy Management have decided to not push the legal aspect as they don’t feel it’s the best solution. I disagree but that is their call.

In the end I hope Leon ‘Flarez’ Wong, Donio ‘DONI’ Texiera and Mohammed ‘seeM’ Lorgat find what they are looking for at Bravado and I truly hope the new recruits into Energy can help them keep them near the top of the table.  You can’t really look badly at Bravado here, as a team they want to be the best and so you try and secure the best… but I don’t care how good Robin van Persie is I wouldn’t support him moving from the smelly mancs to the mighty Liverpool. It just feels wrong.

But feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below, is this just par for the course or has something slightly dirty gone down?

Last Updated: January 21, 2014

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