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5 things worth noticing in the new Mass Effect Andromeda footage

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ME Andromeda Asari 2

Ever since that practically non-existent Mass Effect video at E3, I had pretty much surrendered to our silent fate – we wouldn’t hear anything more about the game until N7 day, aka November 7th. While I still checked the Mass Effect website and social media on a regular basis, I figured our next peek into the game would only come in a couple months’ time. Instead, we got a new snippet at the PS4 reveal last night, and it looks absolutely gorgeous, even in measly 1080p. I highly recommend that you watch the video. Here, let me show you. Then, here are some things you might have missed.

First things first, we had heard rumors of jetpacks and now we got to see one in action. It’s just for jumping in this sequence, but with environments that feature a lot more verticality, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw expanded uses for it.

Mass Effect Andromeda jetpack

Here’s a snippet where they showed the player character scanning some life form. I really like the option to scan stuff – it’s a great way for those who care about the environment, world and lore to have options to get greater insight, while those who aren’t so interested can simply skip over it and never feel like they are missing out. Interestingly, though, there’s a new designation on the uniform. Instead of N7, we see what looks like Ai on the shoulder piece. Could this be a different character than the protagonist, or do you take on a new role when you arrive in Andromeda?

Mass Effect Andromeda scan

Then we get to the cut scene where we get a closer look at the characters. Wait, I thought the protagonist was a woman. Who is this guy?

Mass Effect Andromeda male protag 2

Also, do you notice that A on the other character’s armor? Perhaps this A designation really will replace the N. Then again, N7 was part of the Systems Alliance military and if Andromeda is really as far away as they keep saying, maybe it’s outside their sphere of influence. N7 would have no meaning then, so maybe they are part of Andromeda exploration unit 1 or something.

Mass Effect Andromeda male protag

Then there is the Asari. She is definitely a major character in the game seeing as we keep seeing her in these snippet reveals. But she looks… different for an Asari. I’m not just talking about her different pigmentation. Her build, her clothing, and her features all differentiate her from “typical” Asari. Could she be some kind of unique character? Or is it simply that viewing characters in higher resolutions than we are used to has changed our perspective? We know Bioware likes to push the envelope when it comes to race, sexual orientation and other questions of diversity. Perhaps this Asari is reflecting some of that.

Mass Effect Andromeda asari

It’s important to note, I grabbed these screens from my 1080p display. Did you watch it in 4K? Did you see anything intriguing that I missed? Please share and share alike – I’m keen for all your theories and observations. They help pass the seemingly endless time until we know more about the game.

Oh, and one last thing. Anyone else think it’s interesting that an EA game showed off so much at a PlayStation showcase? Could this be a sign that Mass Effect will actually release on PS4 as the lead console? Things have certainly changed from the days it was an Xbox 360 exclusive.

Last Updated: September 8, 2016

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