97% of UK teenagers play games compared to 73% of the entire population

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I still find it surprising that some people are completely unaware of how large the gaming industry is.

Take for example the results of a recent survey undertaken in the UK

97% of male teenagers play games for around 11 hours a week while 86% of the girls play for about 4 hours a week.

83% of males (20-34) dedicate on average 5 1/2 hours a week to gaming compared to 76% of the fairer sexes 3.1 hours.

As we get older we seem to play less games with only 77% (67% female) of people aged 35-49 still playing and 41% (43% female) still playing after the age of 50.

This downward trend could be purely down to the fact that the top selling PS2 has only been around for the last decade which means our 40+ players are less likely to have had consoles in their younger years.

Source: Edge

Last Updated: September 30, 2009

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