In Case You Missed It: A Coffee Table Awesomely Built For Practicality

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No guys and girls, your eyes have not deceived you. This is not some photoshopped model with perfect skin and no its not just some novelty table for retro-themed houses. This is an actual fully functioning NES coffee table.

While I was perusing the world wide web for news stories and all sorts of gaming interests, I came across this little gem. Sadly however its not available at Verimark or some other over-priced store, as it was designed by a 21 year old Kyle Downes in Ausie land.

Kyle has however been so generous enough to create a DIY blog entitled, Ultra Awesome. And on this awesome blog he has posted a full step-by-step guide of how to make your own table.

So here’s the challenge guys: go check out his blog, dig out and dust off your old NES system, buy a new adapter for it (those things always stuffed out) and then slave away in your garages for a bit (in between game time of course). The first reader to finish and post some pictures will be the proud owner of his/her own awesomely retro, completely practical and totally functional NES coffee table controller. Bare in mind… you’ll be getting a call from me to build me one too.


Source: N4G

Last Updated: June 18, 2009

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